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It's TIME to Wake Up

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Growth & Mindset Coach

Some FEAR growth is painful, but in actuality they are already in PAIN and it's the GROWTH that allows for it to release and HEAL.

That is why I've created HERE a safe space, a ZEN HOUSE, to allow you to HEAL from that pain, LEARN and GROW from it and provide you with the tools necessary to CREATE a life filled with PEACE and PURPOSE.

Who I Serve

As a coach, I have a strong desire to help everyone I meet who is struggling. However, I've learned that not everyone WANTS to be helped especially those who see everyone else as "the problem" and are unwilling to take ANY accountability for their current situation. While my heart goes out to them, I've made the decision to dedicate my energy towards those who DO want to change because..

"The only thing CONSTANT in life is CHANGE"

If a seed soaked up just enough water to exist as a seed, then the world would never experience the JOY of watching it GROW into a flower. We MUST change! It flows with the natural order of things. Most of my clients have already taken steps toward expanding their thinking. But individual success has it's limits. We cannot survive without COMMUNITY. And I want to help those within the communities I serve to grow into their fullest potential.

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Client Reviews

"I am so shocked at how our sessions were so spot on with things that I was struggling with and I didn't even have to say it out loud it was like you already knew."

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